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(320) 582-2288

Our Mission

The Networking Referral Group (NRG) is a business networking referral organization with a clear objective of providing quality business referrals to its members.

How We Accomplish Our Goals

The NRG orchestrates well planned weekly meetings that follow a structured agenda. Each week our members learn more about each other and who our ideal clients are. This allows us to give quality business referrals to members of our group.

We believe the connection we are creating through quality referrals will benefit not only the referred member, but ourselves as well. With each business referral given, we are building trust and our own business network.

Everything we do is geared toward accomplishing our goal of promoting and improving the business of our members.

Here Are Some Highlights of What Makes The Networking Referral Group Successful

  • Regular meeting opportunities.
  • Structured meetings.
  • Your membership locks out your competition.
  • Code of ethics.
  • Quality membership.
  • Training through our mentorship program.
  • Established procedures that are effective.
  • Expected levels of participation.

Together as a group we understand our participation is what makes a business networking group successful. The Networking Referral Group succeeds because of its members, our members succeed because the group succeeds.

Be Our Guest!

Start receiving your business referrals by attending the NRG as a guest. Call and speak with our online host Tim Haas of Mid Minnesota Marketing to attend as our guest. 320-582-2288  We look forward to meeting you!