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Participation is the greatest secret to the success of any business referral group!

Regular weekly participation is vital in building trust . . . and trust is what our group is all about.

There are two key elements to the success of a business referral group:

  • Expectations of receiving quality business referrals. Each member of the Networking Referral Group expects other members to refer them to their family, friends and business associates. In return it is expected that they will repay the favor with business referrals of their own.
  • The referrals received must be earned. This relates directly to our success as a networking group.  We do not expect our members to give referrals for members they do not trust.  With each referral we give, our reputation is on the line. This is why participation and building trust is so vital.

Through our weekly meetings we are able to get to know each other better and learn more about each other's business. Through participation in well structured meetings we are able to:

  • Earn trust and respect.
  • Ask members for specific referrals.
  • Provide quality referrals for members.

The better other members understand what you are looking for in a business referral, the better quality referral you are likely to receive.

Trust and knowledge are powerful business networking tools to command.