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Our members join the Networking Referral Group for a variety of reasons, they stay for one simple reason . . . membership works! Read on to learn what some of our members have to say about their membership with the NRG.


"The Networking Referral Group really has it together!
I have belonged to several networking/referral groups in the past and this one means business. Literally, the amount of business that is passed from one member to another is amazing!"
Tim Haas
Mid Minnesota Marketing
"The Networking Referral Group is a valuable resource to have in your business arsenal!
My participation in the group has been positive in numerous ways.  Not only has my business benefited from referrals within the group, but my participation has also led to more confidence in my ability to communicate with current clients and potential clients."
Terence Ditlefsen
Certified Public Accountant

"The Networking Referral Group really gives me an opportunity to meet people, get to know them and their businesses. This helps me see where I can help promote other members through referrals.
NRG membership is my best advertising dollar spent. I visited the group as a guest, saw the potential for my business and stayed."
John Sanken
Navigator Financial Group
"The Networking Referral Group has been beneficial to my business because word of mouth marketing WORKS.
Also, it is one day a week that I am able to focus on promoting my business. I meet other professionals that are committed to doing their best."
Renee Swanson
Embroidery Plus

"Belonging to the Networking Referral Group has been a big plus for my legal practice.
Not only have I received the benefit of referrals from other members, I have also been able to benefit my clients by being able to recommend trusted individuals and businesses when those clients have other needs."
Christopher Kleiman
Kraft, Walser, Hettig, Honsey & Kleiman Law Office

"The Networking Referral Group creates referral opportunities unlike any other. When a referral is passed it already has established trust and confidence in our agency.

The NRG also provides opportunities to help our client with the services and solutions offered by fellow members!."
Tim Dahl
State Farm Insurance