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The performance curve and ramping up!

Trust isn't a gift given to new members upon acceptance to our group, it must be earned. That takes time, and that time is the performance curve.

With your participation within the group you climb the curve earning the trust and referrals of other members. Some of the things that will effect your progress are:

  • Your attendance
  • Your attitude
  • Your participation
  • Your reputation
  • How you handle referrals given to you

Referrals come with time

Their are some simple truths to the performance curve.

  • The more you participate the sooner you will climb the curve
  • The number of referrals will increase as you climb the curve
  • Your position on the curve will move up or down based upon the items in the list posted above.

It is important  not to become discouraged should you join our group and don't experience an immediate flood of referrals. Often new members will experience a short flurry of referrals upon joining the group before the reality of the performance curve sets in.   

Understanding and working the performance curve is key to your success!